Excellent book printing factory in China, paper printing services

Shenzhen Jinhao Color Printing Co., Ltd
is professional in customized printing. Total area of more than 10,000
square meters.
Jinhao Printing, A high-quality printing and packaging services enterprise. Since the beginning and according to our
own high standards, we always meet and exceed customers’ requirements. We are a global publishing house, for
commercial advertising and gift packaging. We pride ourselves on providing quality one-stop printing services and
efficient logistic services around the world.
Jinhao Printing has definitive printing workshops with the introduction of the world’s advanced printing equipment
from Heidelberg, Germany and Komori, Japan. Besides, New brand Japan Komori 8-color printing machine start
production, board book machine, which improved the efficiency and quality, ensure timely delivery.
Jinhao Printing specializes in pre-press color management, using Japanese screen C T P and Epson Digital printers.
We’ve adopted the world’s advanced color management software and color reduction to meet global standards. This
ensures customer’s finished product and the pre-press color are consistent.
Jinhao Printing has powerful binding selections, advanced binding equipment which implement automatic digital
efficient production management. Switzerland’s Martini perfect bound machine, German Kolbus Hardcover binding
machine M B O and Muller Martini folding machines, which guarantees on-time delivery
Jinhao Printing established a “customer-oriented, succeed in quality” quality policy, and has adopted the I S O
international quality system certification, there’s a full implementation of 5 S management of our factory. Jinhao Color
Printing, your reliable printer in China
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