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The amazing process of creating a custom printed book by the China spiral book printing factory

The amazing process of creating a custom printed book by the China spiral book printing factory

The most common bookbinding method: wireless binding method, lock line binding method, riding nail binding method, ring method, French folding method,So today I will introduce you to the spiral book printing.

spiral book printing

spiral book printing: the pages to be bound in turn after punching holes, put into the prefabricated plastic ring. Divided into rubber binding and iron binding two common ways. The main advantage is easy to flip through and change pages. The cover and back cover are generally penetrated or frosted, and the commonly used paper inside is 80g copy paper or copperplate paper. The cover material is leather paper, copper paper, matte powder paper, pearlescent paper, white card paper, etc.

1. Sort out the data and punch holes first (pay attention to the number of pages punched each time to the machine requirements)
2. Put the rubber ring on the comb teeth of the machine and pull it open with the handle of the binding machine. If it cannot be pulled open, adjust the rubber ring to a direction
3. Put the perforated data on the pulled rubber ring in order
4, close the rubber ring, remove the data can be (handle return)

Hot melt binding machine has the advantages of simple operation, fast speed, low cost of consumables, exquisite style and so on. It belongs to non-detachable type and is suitable for small and medium-sized units. When using the hot melt binding machine to bind, the documents must be neatly organized before being placed in the envelope, otherwise the binding documents will be uneven: after the envelope is heated, the hot glue needs to be arranged and fixed slightly by hand, so that the bound text is neat and tangible; Do not turn the text immediately after heating, easy to cause loose pages, until the rubber strip cooling and solidification can be turned.

spiral book printing is the lowest cost of all binding machines, simple, easy to disassemble, can be repeatedly used for binding, suitable for small office or general meeting documents, as well as small printing houses. One kind of binding machine has two kinds of binding methods, which is also a major feature of it. It is convenient to add and delete pages, which can realize the 360-degree flip of the text. The diameter of the rubber ring determines the thickness of the text binding.

The pages to be bound are punched in turn and placed in the pre-made plastic ring. Its biggest advantages are: text browse freely, can easily add or subtract pages, low cost of consumables, is the world’s most widely used text binding form, but not easy to store neatly. No matter what kind of binding method, as long as the printed matter is satisfied with oneself, it is a good picture album printing book, each picture album has its suitable binding method

In conclusion,the China spiral book printing factory is an amazing process that allows for a custom printed book to be created quickly and without much hassle. This unique printing process allows for a high level of precision and detail, which is essential for any book project.

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